After the Joe team disbanded and the boys started to go home, Muskrat came home to a huge tax bill courtesy of the U.S. government. Unable to afford the bill he started to bet on basketball games. The off and on wins weren't adding up fast enough so he got a tip from his bookie where he could find some real action. That man was a member of cobra named Copperhead. They met in the most logical place for them both, deep in a Louisiana swamp. At first, Muskrat was very reluctant to take the money, especially when he found out who the contact was. Of course, when you need money, you will do what is necessary. Now a member of the Swamp rats team he had to prove himself with small jobs. He has since left all ties behind and is now second in command of the rats. No second thoughts, he now cruises the swamps on the side of evil.

Based on the swamp rats created by beav. Used with permission. I picked Dr. Mindebender's arms because i think that it is silly that someone runs around a swamp with short sleaves. At least now he has some forearm protection. I think Duke's chin is a strong chin like the original Muskrat.

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