Quick Kick
Quick Kick

Codename: Quick Kick
Function: Silent Weapons Expert
Real Name: Ito, MacArthur S.
Serial Number: 631-42-7104
Primary Military Speciality: Martial Arts
Secondary Military Speciality: Covert Ops
Birthplace: Los Angles, CA
Grade: e-4

Setting...The Battle of Trucial Abysmia, 7 Joes are captured in the Heat of battle,while 6 of them are of non importance to the Commander one is, Ito MacArthur,better know as Quick Kick.The Commander needed someone to take Storm Shadow's place and Quick Kick fit the bill. Quick Kick sat in the chair of the Brain Wave Scanner and watched as a SAW Viper mowed down 4 of his comrades. Using the Brain Wave Scanner, The Commander shows Quick Kick what his life could have been if he never joined the Joes. How he would of became a huge movie star. He also showed Quick Kick how he still could be a star, and how COBRA can help him acheive that. Shortly after he was finished in the scanner he was put with the other live prisoners. While the brainwashing was setting in, the 3 remaining prisoners managed to excape. Shortly into the escape attempt while coming to his new found sense he realized the people he was with was the enemy, the ones trying to hold him back. He crashed the Cobra Rage killing the other 2 prisoners. Knowing the Joes wouldnt give up the search till the bodies were found, he took the body of a dead viper, made the face unrecognizeable using the skills he learned in Hollywood and changed the uniform. He watched as the Joes mourned the fallen, a devilish grin on his face. He knew one day he'd get his chance to repay them for what they cost him.

Other Information: The question is, where has Quick Kick been the past 12 years, It's easy to answer COBRA sent him to Hollywood, using a stage name, he has entertained millions of people worldwide, but now he has to repay his debt to COBRA. First on his agenda, take out Hawk, take out the man who almost cost him his career.

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