File Name: Classified

Growing tired of Cobra Commander's rash decisions, paranoia, and fickle treatment a cabal of Cobra higher-ups secretly resurrected Serpentor. Rather than face a second civil war Serpentor abandoned all pretense of cooperation with the Commander and attempted to have him eliminated. With his loyal Crimson Guard assassinated, his former allies swayed to Serpentor's camp and a billion dollar bounty on his head Cobra Commander found himself in an extremely dangerous position. Wounded, hunted, and without any options the Commander decided that his life was worth more than his freedom. In return for pretection from Cobra he turned himself in to the authorities. After a lengthy and secrecy shrouded trial Cobra Commander was sentenced to life in a SuperMax prison. In return for increased priviliges the Commander began offering up choice bits of information on various Cobra operations to a very interested Joe team. It was simply impossible for Cobra to make all of the Commander's knowledge obsolete in such a short period so much of his information was very useful. Unfortunately this once again made him a target. After numerous attacks on the prison he was remanded to the custody of the Joe team for his own protection for the duration of his sentence.

I can't say who hates having Cobra Commander around more, us or him. I'm surprised he volunteered to go along on missions with the team, but I guess freedom, even freedom as limited as his is worth anything. Anyway, Hawk trusts his info more when he's got a stake in the missions built around it. He's not going to rabbit anyways, not with that remote detonated bracelet full of C-4 he's wearing. None of the Joes want him around, so he gets stuck with point every time. The Joes figure that we did just fine without him, so who cares if he gets DX'ed. Surprisingly he's actually doing a good job, probably more out of spite than anything, but I can't complain about the results. He insists on being called "The Commander" but since he keeps wearing that damn hood (even though everyone got a good look at his mug during the trial) we just call him Ragface. Pisses him right off too.

The trick was keeping that CC regal look while still giving him a very U.S. Military and functional look. Didn't quite pull it off, but I like how he ended up.

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