File Name: Ogami Itto (Alias)
PMF: Ninja Swordsman
SMF: Espionage
Birthplace: Jonestown, UK

Rumored to have been a rouge ninja from Storm Shadow own clan, Slice created his own sword techniques observing the battle strategies of scorpions and adapting their movements into his backhanded "scorpion Slash". He was inducted into Cobra back in 92 with the bo-staff ninja Dice to combat the Joes Ninjas Snake Eyes, and former Cobra Storm Shadow. Later on, after the Return of Dr. Mindbender, Storm Shadow was captured and forcibly brought back into the employ of Cobra, thanks completely to Cobra's brainwave scanner. Now with a "Master" ninja in his employ, Cobra Commander saw both Slice and Dice as obsolete, and, despite their loyalty to COBRA, ordered the both of them "relieved of their duties". Knowing that the Red Ninjas had sworn a loyalty oath to slice, Cobra Commander had to be Discrete about how he had them dealt with.

The two where sent on a solo mission, which was in actuality a setup. When they arrived they found several squads of Alley-vipers, disguised in army uniforms, lying in Ambush. The two managed to escape the initial onslaught, however as they attempted to return to Cobra Island, the Moray they where piloting exploded from charges set inside the hull. Slice survived the attack, but barely. Not knowing what happened to Dice, Slice took and oath of Vengeance against Cobra Commander and his army for their betrayal, and he knew of the only organization that could help him.... G.I.Joe. When his wounds has sufficiently healed, he broke into the pit, surrendered, and 'requested' to join up during his interrogation. He was granted Probationary membership and placed under Snake Eye's command.

"Slice showed up at the pit about a month after the incident, actually making it to level 3 before he was cornered and 'surrendered'. He stated the story and made his request, but also mentioned if turned down he would go after Cobra by himself, and in that case Joe's live may be caught in the crossfire. The other Joes don't exactly trust him, and with good reasons. The man is arrogant, hostile towards his 'inferiors', and apparently only follows orders when it suits him. He does show an ample amount of respect towards Snake Eyes, which is why he was made his subordinate, so Snake Eyes can both keep and eye on him, and keep Slice's mind on the mission. Slice has proved himself a skilled warrior on several missions, but has also shown he needs a lot of work to do in becoming a soldier."

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