Filename: Iron-knife, Charlie
Primary Military Specialty: Tracking
Second Military Specialty: L.R.R.P. (Long Range Recon Patrol)
Birthplace: Taos, New Mexico

Spirit is a true warrior in every sense of the word. He is genetically wired to be a superb tracker. And his survival skills are some of the best in the G.I. Joe ranks. He had a long decorated career with the G.I. Joe team. He was personally responsible for several POW extractions behind enemy lines. Spirit was always the first one into battle & the last one to return to base. Everyone thought of Spirit as the best at what he did. All that changed with the push of one button. The U.S. Government was testing short range missiles in the New Mexico desert. All of the missiles warheads were nuclear & biologically capable, but obviously none of them had live warheads. The testing was going well until on of the missiles flew astray. The missile landed near the Indian reservation that Spirit was raised on. Luckily no one on the ground was injured. The U.S. Government took full responsibility for the error and provided an apology to the Apache reservation. Several weeks later the reservation was afflicted with sudden community illness. Spirit's grandfather (the man who raised him as a child) became severely ill. His health deteriorated at an alarming rate. With in days he had died along with several others from the tribe. After the funeral Spirit returned to duty. Upon investigating the situation on his own, Spirit discovered the disgusting truth. The U.S. Government deliberately fired the missile towards the Indian reservation. The governments goal was to study the effects of chemical agents on human populations.

After Spirit learned that both the G.I. Joe team and the U.S. Government lied directly to his face. He immediately quit the Joe team & disappeared from society. Spirit was so resentful toward the G.I. Joe team for their complete disregard for human life. He vowed vengeance on his peoples behalf. Spirit joined the ranks of Cobra and quickly became a high ranking officer. He now uses his deadly skills against those who he ounce fought alongside. Spirit now considered his own soul dead. And he plans on making every member of the Joe team feel the same way. Literally.

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