Serial Number: Unknown
Primary Military Speciality: Millitary Intelligence
Secondary Military Speciality: Corporate Law
Birthplace: an Island in the Mediterranean

During the Cobra Civil War, Tomax and Tomax each saw different sides of the story. Xamot joins Cobra Commanders side while Tomax joined Serpentors. For the first time, The Crimson Guard Commanders are split, and so where the Crimson Guards. Their ranks are divided, Half with the Joes, Serpentor, and Tomax, the other half with Xamot, Destro and the Commander. The Joes gained an advantage when Tomax signed up , but little did they know how much. The Crimson Guardsmen just kept coming, they were signing up as fast as they could issue I.D's. But ultimately it wasnt enough, the Joes side lost, and shortly afer they were all arrested by the jugglers. But not Tomax, he arranged a place for the renegade Joes to stay with his his good friend Dr. Burkhart (a former Seigei, while the joes were cleaning up some loose ends, Tomax used money syphoned off of Cobra Accounts to "buy" some Govermental higher ups to re-instate the Joes. Using his extensive knowledge of UN Policies, Corporate Law, and the stock market he has managed to keep the Joe's out of any trouble they can possibly get into and keeps their armory full. Whether it's Collateral damage, or illegal tresspassing Tomax can keep them in the free and clear.

From the Files of General Hawk:

It's took years of psycological help, but we think we've honed Tomax's "twins sense". He can now use it on command in order to help us track his brother, But it's a double edged sword, Xamot can track us too. Since the twins sense has been broken for so many years, now when they are within even a hundred feet of each they slip into a coma like state and try and track each other down.

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