Primary Military Specialty: Explosives, Demolition, Anarchy
Secondary Military Specialty: Saboteur

Tripwire was always had a crush on Cover Girl. How she would fuss over him when he got hurt. In his mind they were lovers, but that was about to change... One night while on guard duty he heard a commotion in the motor pool as he went inside to investigate he triped over a bolt. When he looked up he saw Cover Girl and Clutch romantically embraced while laughing uncontrollably at him. All he could see was red and he ran out crying.

The thought of how all the other Joes made fun of him. The laughing in his head would not stop. They all thought he was a freak. Rage consumed him until finally a moment of inspiration hit him. "I know, I will make them pay, all of them pay!" he yelled out-loud. He went back to the motor pool and attached a few surprises to the Vamp and Wolverine, packed his gear, and walked out the door.

Both Clutch and Cover Girl survived their little surprises, but due to extensive burns and muscle damage, both were retired from GI Joe.

From the Files of Cobra Commander : "Tripwire is one of my best Saboteurs. He has a passion like no other to destroy GI Joe and America. He is one man you do not want to cross."

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