It all started as a fairly standard mission for the GI Joe team. Cobra had set up a computer hacking center up in the Appalachian Mountains where they were attempting to destroy computer centers throughout America. Mainframe was quickly able to track their systems and shut down any attempts by the Cobra Computer Technicians. This only left sending in a unit to permanently shut them down. A small fore was sent in, including Mainframe as the mission specialist.

Everything went smooth. Lowlight took out the guards from a distance and the rest of the Joes moved in to mop up any remaining resistance. Mainframe began to check over the computer systems and run diagnostic tests to learn all that Cobra had been working on. One of his programs triggered a failsafe device in the system and he realized a bomb had been placed under the floor of the station. Realizing the horrible error he made, he screamed to his fellow teammates to get out of the building. Everyone ran from the building and Mainframe through Lowlight out the door just as the explosion ripped apart the building. Mainframe was the only Joe who hadn't made it out. As the building exploded Mainframe's terribly damaged body was hurtled through the air and clear of the structure. His teammates rushed to his side only to see the horrible effects the explosion had on his body. Mainframe had lost both legs, his right arm, and half his face had been destroyed by the explosion. Low Light held on to his friends remaining hand as Lifeline began to treat his terrible wounds. By the skill of Lifeline, Mainframe was able to survive the injuries he had sustained. But he was left a broken man. He spent his days lying in a bed without the will to move on. His friends new that he was waiting for death to claim him. Low Light attempted several times to comfort his friend and convince him he could go on and live a productive life, but every attempt ended in failure as Mainframe blatantly ignored every word spoken. As time went on the Joes came less and less, to hard to see their close friend drifting away. Mainframe finally found some comfort in a young nurse with pink hair and an Australian accent who came and took care of him and whispered sweet words to him. Mainframe began to respond to the woman and she told him she had friends who could help him live again. At first he resisted, but her words finally allowed him to follow her. She took him on a long journey with part of it he spent blindfolded. When they finally stopped he was only mildly surprised to find himself surrounded by Dr. Mindbender and Cobra technicians. He was angry and told them he wanted nothing of Cobra, but his nurse talked with him of how it was the Joes fault this happened to him, and how they did not even care to keep visiting, and then she showed him footage of a Joe attack on Cobra, and there was a new Joe, Hacker, the new Computer Specialist. Mainframe was devastated by what he saw as a betrayal by his former teammates. He allowed cobra to do whatever they wanted. First the Cobra scientist used BAT technology to repair much of the damage done to his body. Replacing his lost eye and lost arm. They then designed a hover chair that would allow him to move about. At this point with the coaxing of Zarana (like it wasn't obvious), he was given control of Cobra's vast computer technology.

His first act was to hack into the Joe's system and shut it down. Sending in programs that destroyed any attempt by Hacker to stop him. He than began to crash systems throughout the world destroying bank systems, forcing military missions to go wrong and other acts of terrorism. The world computer systems were in a complete mess, and no one could stop it. Hacker was no match for this new threat and he told Hawk and the rest of the team all he new was that in every computer terrorist act a Cobra symbol was left with the Name VIRUS attached. But no matter what he did he could not stop the attacks. This Virus was far more intelligent and talented than he was.

With no other alternative left to him, Hawk orders a full assault of Cobra Island. To find this Virus or at least information of his whereabouts. A small unit is sent in first to attempt a daring snatch and grab while the rest of the Joes create the diversion. Falcon, Lowlight Dialtone, Muskrat, Spirit, Tunnel Rat, and Leatherneck, move out on their dangerous mission, completely unaware who this mystery foe really is.

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