Mobile Battle Bunker Driver
File Name: Burning, David K.
PMF: Combat Engineer
SMF: Artillery
Birthplace: Hill City, SD
Grade: E-5

David Burning was a laid-off construction worker who was seeking excitement, and Joined the Army to become a combat Engineer, building Airfields, Bridges, and bunkers under less than hospitable conditions. He eventually worked his way into Weapons testing, and was the test pilot for the then experimental Mobile Battle Bunker. He was given temporarily membership as an advisor, brought to the Pitt to Train the joes in its use and maintenance, and after several heated battle field tests, was inducted into the joes full time upon the urging of General Clayton "Hawk" Abernathy.

"Tracked vehicles are difficult to operate, but the Mobile Bunker is tricky to drive even for our more experienced drivers. The weight of its armor and ackward shape decreases its speed, and makes it prone to getting hung up if the front end is weighed down. Its almost like hauling a small mobile home on a forklift, you need to be careful where you go and where you set it down. Bulldozer has a knack for diging in, knows the perfect position to set it down, and can build anything else you might need afterwards, or blow up anything you don't!"

"Bulldozer IS a tank. In his days as a construction worker he was kicked out of the Teamsters for starting a brawl during a strike, and has been banned for life from the Sturgis bike rally for being too rowdy! He'll charge ito a squad of fully armed vipers with only his fists and an ornery look in his eyes that tells them if they don't move he'll be on them like Ugly on an Ape, thoes who don't get the hint usually end up in a prison Infirmary, IF their lucky. Lord only knows how many things he's plowed over with his MBB...Brick walls, trees, cars, anything that doesn't move it looses it! Why do you think he got the codename Bulldozer in the first place?"

I sat down to put together my Piranha driver, but instead whipped HIM up! I wanted to make the paintjob to reflect on the coloring of some of the 90/91 figures while still matching the Battle Bunker's colors, I also tried to have his bio like it'd be in 90, but got a little carried away. Gundam fans might recognize that his name is an Amalgam of characters from Stardust Memory. This is the first custom I have given a grade to, thanks primarily to the Battle File comics.

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