File Name: Pittman, Scott H.
Primary Military Specialty: Locust Pilot
Secondary Military Specialty: Helicopter Mechanic
SN: 935-4356-TH87

Fly-by started his military career as a grease monkey in the Air Force. There was seemingly no problem he couldn't fix. He was later assigned to the G. I. Joe team as the team's helicopter maintenance technician. Lift-Ticket saw Fly-by while he was taking the new Locust helicopter on some practice runs, and was amazed at his ability behind the stick. Everyone knew he could fix helicopters, but no one knew he could fly them too! He was immediately reassigned to active duty as the pilot of the Locust.

"The one seat Locust is the perfect match for Fly-by. He can take on any F.A.N.G. II in Cobra's fleet and pretty much be assured of victory. Also, if anything goes wrong with the Locust during a mission, Fly-by can just land, fix the malfunction, and be back in the air before most pilots can takeoff."

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