File Name: Broca, Fred XLII
Birth Place: Springfield

Fred XLII considered his birth to be the day he awoke with his new identity at the hands of the Crimson Guard corps for Cobra. Devoting his new life to Cobra, Fred found that he was a natural in his new life as an agent within society. When Cobra disbanded, Fred continued to do his work and quietly remained loyal. After the reactivation of Cobra in 2001, Fred was ready to be a part once again. Having provided Tomax and Xamot with several years worth of information on scientific research in microbiology in the firm he worked for, Fred was given a choice of assignments within the Cobra organization. Choosing the name Fracas, Fred left behind the world of research science to delve into his passion. High speed racing. His new vehicle of choice, the HISS III. After defeating Rip-it in an all out street race down the Las Vegas strip in HISS tanks, Rip-it handed over the keys to his personal HISS III which was then painted in the scheme of the Crimson Guard. With the newly formed Crimson Strike, Fracas found he was a natural for mayhem and destruction in the name of progress. Amongst the Crimson Track-Vipers, Fracas has the reputation of a madman, meaning he'll fit right in.

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