PMF: Piranha Driver
SMF: Aquatic assault

Leeches are a sub-group of Lampreys recruited from various boat racing groups worldwide. They have been trained to execute precision attacks in a swarm-like formation, coordinated over a headset in their helmets by either members of Cobra high command or a squad leader. Watertight uniform doubles to protect from disease carrying insects they may encounter in the field. Helmets equipped with respirators. Like all Lampreys, Leeches qualified Frogmen.

"Leeches are all speed jockeys who have been kicked out of Professional boat racing for reason varying from trying to run opponents into the shores to trying to bribe the judges. As bad as they where behind the stick of a regular speedboat, they are lethal in the seat of a Piranha. Their favorite mode of attack is ambushing you en-masse and nailing you with all their
short-range torpedo's before you can take evasive action, waiting to nail you with their long range IF your still floating! The best defense if your on a boat and hear the sound of a Piranha's engine revving up in unison, grab a lifejacket and Pray its not you their after!"

I wanted this figure to look like he could be a diver, in the same way as Lampreys do. I chose the black color scheme because most of this custom was already black, and I didn't really have any more ideas. First I was going to name them Patrol vipers, but changed it to Leech. Ironically, Beav pointed out that Livevil had made a Pirranah driver with the same name! I also typed up an entirely different bio for him, but wrote up this one at the last moment.

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