During the mid-1990's the G.I.Joe team created a small force of deep cover operatives that went by the name of Sky Patrol. The missions and exploits of this unit are buried under mountains of red tape. The members of this top secret unit are unknown to all but those in the highest echelons of the military and the top ranking members of the team. Ravenloft is one of the last members chosen for the Sky Patrol. His purpose on the team is that of pilot for the Sky Raven. A top secret and high tech spy plane used to go deep into enemy airspace where no US planes are sanctioned to fly.

John Ravenloft is an old time flier. Displaced in time Ravenloft does his duty and can fly loops around the best of them.One more accustomed to flying by stick and dials and less by instruments and gauges. That's not to say he's foreign to high tech aircraft. He has to be to pilot the Sky Raven. But's been quoted as saying he feels more at home behind the stick of an old 'bi-plane'.

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