Name: Williams, Ty
PMS: Speedboat Operation
SMS: Meterology

Riptide spent some years off the California coast doing Xtreme water sports. He tried to make a living from this pursuit, but no one would sponsor him due to his high-profile risktaking, his fights with his opponents on shore and his constant endangering of himself and others on the water with his performances. In order to make ends meet, he enlisted in the Navy. While there, he studied meterology in order to best read nature's signs, mainly to enable him to predict when the waves might be best for him to go have fun. Wetsuit met him in a bar one night and afterwards Riptide gave him a personal exhibition of his skills. The next day, Riptide got a call from General Hawk offering him a chance to have some fun and fight some baddies all at once.

I swear, I was sanding these legs before LIVEVIL put up his UDT custom with the same idea. Honest! ;-) The urban camo paints really mean nothing, I just figured it'd be his style to wear such things. Not like camo would do much use piloting a little orange boat over the sea anyway. He does have a very light goatee. It's meant to be that "thin" BTW.

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