File Name: Fred Breedlove
Primary Military Specialty: Swampland Survivalist
Secondary Military Specialty: Airboat Operator
Place of Birth: Fitzgerald, Georgia

ROTGUT has lived in the Everglades since he was a small boy. He can survive for months with just a knife and some rope. Before hooking up with the Dreadnoks, he spent much of his time giving airboat tours to unsuspecting tourists, then stealing their money and abandoning them in the middle of the swamp. ROTGUT found Zartan's cabin on one of his jaunts through the area, and after successfully leading the entire gang on a wild goose chase, Zartan approached him for membership.

"I didn't think it was possible to be more disgusting the Dreadnoks, but ROTGUT tries his hardest. Most of his teeth are gone, I've never heard him even HINT at bathing, and his feet are foul enough to qualify as chemical weapons." -Zartan

I love his helmet. It's probably my favorite thing I've ever done. Oh, and the rest of him is pretty neat too, but man, I dig that helmet.

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