Name: Various
PMS: Armor Operation
SMS: Urban Warfare

Cobra Subjegators are culled from the ranks of the Alley Viper Corps. They love destruction and watching buildings fall. In their off time, Subjecgators like going to monster truck rallies and watching video tapes of building demolition. They take great pride in their vehicle and their role in the overtaking of various urban centers throughout the world.

"I asipre to be a Subjegator one day. They get to drive into the city with the A/C blowing in their face and the radio cranked all the way to 11. Although the thing I look most forward to is being able to drive up behind the squads of Alley Vipers and nipping their heels with the Rage's bumper instead of having it done to me during the heat of battle." - Alley Viper #88964

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