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Known for his slight, wiry build and penchant for stealth, Knightstick was an early pick for the new Joe team. Not a lot is known about his past prior to enlisting in the Army, though due to his skill at sneaking into places he really shouldn't be sneaking in to, his unit has often speculated that he was some kind of cat burglar. This seems unlikely, however, as he enlisted at a very young age, fresh out of high school. Not overly fond of firearms, Nightstick had become proficient in a variety of more silent type weapons, preferring to bludgeon his opponents rather than shooting them.

I wanted to kind of break away from the 'Snake Eyes' mold of a Commando in G.I. Joe, but still have him be a functional commando. My goal was to have him be pretty streamlined, and to have appropriate gear for the job. It's nothing too complex, but overall, I am happy with how he looks.

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