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2017 JCA Results

Welcome to the 2017 JoeCustoms Awards. Out of all the nominations and all the finalists, these were the ones you thought were the best this past year. Congratulations.

Custom Figures/Vehicles/Playsets
  • * Best overall painter: Refers to overall painting skills of a customizer, not just on a specific custom.
    • Winner: drbindy
      • 2nd place: Tie
  • * Best photography: Refers to overall photography skills of a customizer, not just on a specific custom.
    • Winner: 3 Way Tie
    • Blood Brigade
    • drbindy
    • OreoBuilder
  • * Best overall customizer for figures in 2017:
    • Winner: Kwinn_Lives
      • 2nd place: drbindy
  • * Best overall customizer for vehicles in 2017:
    • Winner: BloodBrigade
  • * Best overall customizer for playsets in 2017:
    • Winner: Short Bus Kustoms
      • 2nd place: 2DARK2C
  • * Most improved customizer: (person whose technique, skill and overall performance has become more impressive over the past year)
    • Winner: Kwinn_Lives
      • 2nd place: 2DARK2C
  • * Customizer from whom you "borrow" the most ideas:
    • Winner: Tie
    • drbindy
    • OreoBuilder
      • 2nd place: Tim 121RVC
  • Best JoeCustoms Newcomer for 2017:
    • Winner: StevieSNLD
      • 2nd place: Lukachu
  • The drbindy Most Helpful Board Member Award:
    • Winner: 2DARK2C
      • 2nd place: bucky
  • Joecustoms.com Gyre-Viper Lifetime Achievement Award: To be given to a member for their value to the site and the G.I. Joe community as a whole. Previous winners (beav, General Hawk, camper, Cap, Marauder John, JFAK075, pluv, Matthew, chad_ghost, gijoey, Spin Doctor, joemichaels70, drbindy, Gyre-Viper, Lance Sputnik, nova, OreoBuilder, ZombieGuide, bucky, The Spectre, and HypnoHustler) are ineligible.
    • Winner: 2DARK2C
      • 2nd place: j_man

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