"This is the future created by man, created by capitalism, but ruled not by man, not by capitalism, but by Cobra."- Redwolf IronKnife, Resistance Leader
The year is 2198 AD. The world is not as it once was. It is a future where COBRA gained political influence through the corruption that existed in governments around the world, and abused that flaw until it WAS the government of the world. It is a future ruled by corporations in place of countries and dollars in place of honor. COBRA, once "merely" a terrorist organization, is now truly the almighty ruler of the world.

Still, even in times of the greatest corruption, there are those willing to fight for what has been forgotten. The sands of time, guided by the manipulative force of the almighty dollar, have erased almost all memories of that which once was. Freedom? A lie which now just means, "rich enough not to be bothered." America? She's replaced with just one of a handful of money hungry corporations. And the G.I. Joe team? Lost and forgotten.... sometimes rumored to have been slaughtered 2 centuries ago, sometimes rumored to have fought for decades until their numbers just faded away. Even other whispers claim they still fight against COBRA's corruption.... or others have taken up in their place to continue the battle. The east coast of USAmeriCORP, that which was once known as the United States of America, lays in ruins. Ravaged by earthquakes, the area was abandoned by the rich and elite. It is here, in the heart of chaos that the would-be heroes of the future have uncovered secrets of the past. Legends and stories passed down are their only guide; a ruined underground fortress once known as the PITT their home.

This is where perhaps the last battle for Liberty shall begin.
These are the soldiers who will wage that war.

GI Joe and Cobra are (C) Hasbro. Liberty:2198 is the creation of Dan Carber, and none of this material may be reproduced without permission.