For decades, there have been reports of Earth being visited by beings from other worlds. Some believe that governments have known of an alien threat since the 1950's. Some go so far as to say that the U.S. military is in the possession of alien bodies and technology. Publicly, the government has refuted these claims. Secretly, the cabal of generals, known as the jugglers, have been preparing. They have ordered America's highly trained special mission force - code name: G.I. Joe - to prepare to meet any threat.

Three days ago, NASA's Near-Earth Asteroid Detection Initiative detected several signals approaching Earth. Their trajectory indicate that they are not asteroids or comets...

Excerpt from General Clayton Abernathy - code name Hawk - mission briefing:

(...) There are about thirty objects of various sizes approaching the Moon. We believe that they are extra-terrestrial in origin. Most are small, about the size of a fighter jet. There are a few that are larger and are believed to be carriers and escorts. Who knows what they're carrying. All active and former members of Star Brigade will be mobilized. The Russians are also sending some of their people. Hell, even Cobra might be joining the fray. Our defense will be organized into four lines. First, we'll send an expedition to scout and engage the enemy on the Moon. Second, we'll prepare our orbital defenses. Third, we'll have a line of sub-orbital defences. And, if all else fails, we’ll engage them on the ground here. We don't know much about the enemy, but if anyone can take these things on, we can! We're the best! Yo Joe! (...)

This Group Project is based on the premise that Robot Rebellion, the cancelled sequel to Valor vs Venom, would have been followed by a new theme, which may have featured space and an alien invasion.

GI Joe



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