The largest-scale mercenary dispatch company in the entire world; these professional soldiers of fortune are collected from around the world and from all walks of life. Many are ex-soldiers from their respected country's military and veterans of numerous wars. Some are in it simply for the thrill of battle, others strictly for greed and money.

This motley group of mercenaries or "flatliners", as some call them, choose to fight against the greatest odds and in the most extreme situations. They are highly trained, lethal experts in combat who are willing to fight and die for glory, principle, and pay.

After the passing of the Cold War, the need for mercs has all but diminished and one idealistic man, known as The Warhorse, created FLATLINE INTL., and within the dawn of the 21st Century, this company has given birth to the next generation of soldiers who have made a business of war...

Flatline International

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