"Robot Rebellion" was to be the next theme for the GI Joe o-ring line following Valor vs Venom. When the line was canceled, some of the concepts were used for Sigma 6 and some of which have only been seen in pre-production artwork and samples. JoeCustoms decided to flesh out this theme.

After the events of Valor vs. Venom, Cobra Commander has Dr. Mindbender and Hot Wire design and create new B.A.T.s for production into service. He figures they are less likely to try and oust him like Venomus Maximus tried with the Venom troopers. But Overkill has other plans. He begins to take control of all the new B.A.T.s and wages a war against Cobra, G.I. Joe, and anybody else who gets in the way of his total world domination.

Thank you to General Hawk at for letting us borrow a pic form his Overkill review for the project's logo.

GI Joe



Oktober Guard

Iron Grenadier

Red Shadows

Overkill's Robot Army

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