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Lance_SputnikLance Sputnik

Deep Space Ninja

Head: Croc Master
Torso/waist: JvC Scarlett
Arms: Cobra Commander v3
Legs: Mirage

Jet pack: Funskool General Hawk

Missles: Neo Viper
Blow gun: Snake Eyes v3
Sword: Budo
Sheaths: JvC Storm Shadow?
Control stick: Astro Viper
Hoses: Elastic price tag string
Blades: Chap Mei


File Name: Draco-Viper
Function: Space Ninja

Head: Heavy Duty (VvV)
Torso: Razorclaw (VvV)
Arms: Alley Viper II (VvV)
Waist: Ninja-Viper (VvV)
U. Legs: Flint (SpyT)
L. Legs: Kamakura (SpyT)

Helm: AT-TE Driver (SW)
MMU: Alien Racers with Storm Shadow (VvV) katana sheath

Bio: (see filecard)


Head:Crystal Ball
Torso: Techno Viper
Upper Arms: Sneak Peak
Lower Arms: Storm Shadow v2 and Crystal Ball
Waist: Metal Head with Chap Mei kibble.
Thighs: Comic Pack Zartan
Feet: JvC Wetsuit with Comic Pack Zartan Knees.

Moon Cruisin' Tank Tread slippers: Light Foot rovers with JvC Wetsuit's Flippers
Helmet: Payload v2, Life Line air mask, comic pack bubble.
Back Pack: Astro Viper w/ control arms, Dial tone, Toxo Viper v1 tanks, magnets, Ninja Battles swords in the Control arms, replacement hose.
Flight Boosters: Jump Jet pack, TARGAT pack wings, Astro Viper back pack, magnets, Boba Fett Jet exhaust.

My basic goal on this figure was to make Crystal Ball into a Space Ninja...I love the look of the figure...but don't think I'm quite done with him...the helmet really dosn't stay on well, and the colar looks pretty rough. Over the weekend I found a junk'd Payload and may use his torso, or at least his full helmet to improve the fit and Function on the Crystal Ball Space Ninja. I just read I'm a day late, but was thinking the last day of I'm still putting in my attempt as I've enjoyed working on this one the past few weeks.


Space Ninja Viper

Head: IG
Torso: Undertow
Arms: Chun Li
Waist: Bombstrike
Skirt: Star Wars
Legs: Overkill v.1
Boots: Lex Luther movie
Laser katana: Gundam


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