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Lance_SputnikLance Sputnik

Divination Bat

Didn't have time to finish everything I had wanted to on this, but here is what I have...



Head Shipwreck (modified)
Body Chuckles (modified)
Waist CP cobra
Upper Arms ?
Elbows (BTR)
Lower Arms POTC Will Turner
Legs: Headman

A ruffian from the southern colonies, this lout can make a anything seaworthy dance like a fairy on the ocean waves and anything that floats dam near seaworthy

yojoe-a-go-go_IIyojoe-a-go-go II

Viper (officer)

Head PTE fireman (modified)
Torso : Dr. Huer from Mego Buck Rogers
Arms : CP Destro
Waist and legs Turban Corps guy

Vipers are the mainstay of the Cobra forces, the backbone and cannon fodder if you will

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