by Dan Carber

Parts used

  • Head- Gung Ho
  • Arms- Tomax & Xamot
  • Torso- ??? 
  • Legs and Crotch- Tarurs 
  • Rifle & Backpack - Accessory Pack


Name: Morris, Brendan  J. III

Brendan grew up the only son of a poor Texas Oil field worker, and spent his  younger days as the neighborhood bully.  Expelled from high school at the age of 16 for excessive violence, and took a job as a mechanic in a motorcyle shop and was fired two weeks later for fighting a customer.  Worked various odd jobs  until he was arrested at the age of 18 for stealing and selling cars.  Constant fighting  with guards and other inmates turned his 2 year stint into 12. 

Joined up with the Dreadnoks, after they witnessed him fighting with 7 other patrons
 in a barroom brawl.  He was winning, until the police finally arrived and took him off to
 jail.  The Dreadnoks rescued him, and he has remained loyal to them ever since.

"Yeah, i've seen him around a bit.  He's one nasty SOB.  He'll start up with ya for anythin.
He's got a temper that one, we'd tell him not to come back if we weren't so scared he'd
tear the place apart."  Missy, waitress at the 'Roadside Saloon'

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