by Dan Carber

Parts used

  • Head- Spirit v1
  • Arms- Brekov
  • Torso- Recondo 
  • Legs and Crotch- Headhunter 


Name: Unconfirmed

Coyote refuses to go into detail regarding his past, but Zartan and Rocko are convinced that he is nothing more than a spoiled rich kid who had it all, except excitement.  His taste in motorcycles lean more towards the more expensive BMW variety, and he has stated time and time again that the one he owns is 'stolen'.

"Every once and a while, you can hear his education come out of him...he's definitely not like most of the dreadnoks who are nothing more than greed wraped up in flesh and bone. Once, he mentioned something about owning a casino...then said it was a joke.  Whatever his story is, one thing is for certain....he's loyal to the Dreadnoks and when it comes down to it, thats what matters most."  - Zartan

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