Dreadnok River Pirate
by Kevin Jones

Parts used

  • Head, Torso and Legs- Zanzibar (87)
  • Right Arm- Zandar (86)
  • Left Arm- Spirit (84)
  • Crotch- Charboil (88)


Sword- Painted toothpick sword
Hook- a plant hanger, it has threads on it like a screw, so you can put it on the ceiling.
Ammo strip- a small ball chain (from a key chain)

Notes on Construction

I cut down the pony tail, and painted his hair to look like it was dyed green but is starting to wear out. I painted the paints blue, the
skin on this chest green, and the sleeves green (so it looks like he is wearing a shirt). I painted on silver details. The thumb on Spirit was broken so I cut the hand of and put the hook on.


Special thanks to Corey Stintson for making his Dreadnok River Pirates! This is my addition to that set.
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