Dreadnok Leader
by Patrick Stewart

Head: Sonic Fighter Tunnel Rat (modified) (Sorry, Larry)
Chest: Crystal Ball (modified)
Legs:  Long Range (modified)
Arms: from a CORP! figure
Waist: a very old generic figure.  I bought it at Toys R Us long ago.
Gun: from the same CORP! figure
Staff:  Snake Eyes v3 blowgun (modified) and Pathfinder saw (modified)
CONCEPT:  Original
COMMENTS:  The idea for her future Dreadnok team came along well before the idea to have her leading it.  When my brother was young, I used to play G.I.Joe with him (he is 9 years younger than me).  To make it interesting for myself, I kept an on-going story with a lot of characters that I created with customs and usefors.  ("Usefor" is a word I made up to describe any figure that I quickly slapped together because I needed a figure to "use for" a needed character while we were "campaigning" [what I called our playing]).  In one adventure, Flint was pulled into one of many possible futures by a technologically advanced group of Dreadnoks that wanted to extract a serum from his blood (Destro had put it there; it was actually a computer code that had some very important information in it).  Anyway, I had some of the Dreadnoks made, but I never got around to giving them a leader.  This, accompanied by my desire to create a figure using as many techniques as I could, resulted in Zarlandra.  Here is the breakdown of the techniques:
Sculpy: her chest and hair were added using sculpy.  I don't know if this was a good idea, but it is really holding up so far.
Mixing a shade of skin:  Mixing paint to look the same as her already-existing head was *very* difficult.
Cutting away existing features:  her legs once had pockets (this is where I am not pleased with the job I did) and her stomach needed parts sanded away as well as her naval added.  The back of the figure also had to be cut so that there would be the proper bumps over her backbone at the base of her torso.
Dremel:  It was a very useful tool that I used to create her Dreadnok weapon.  The staff actually assembles and disassembles so that she can use it as two separate weapons if she wants.  I wish I could have pictures of it both ways.
I modified every Hasbro part that I used so that any part on her would not be too quickly identifiable as someone else's. I tried to give her a color scheme that would make her look like a part of the Zartan family.  Too bad I couldn't get her to change color :)

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