by Thomas Wheeler

The "fun" thing about Dreadnoks is you can do just about anything (as long as it's mean and unpleasant) and it comes across as almost funny. Obviously the figure is a repainted GUILE. There was just something about that hair and that scowl. And how do you like his "splattered" blue jeans and "Cold Slither" shirt? 


SLAGG's real name and place of birth remain unrevealed even to his "fellow" Dreadnoks, although in the case of the latter it's been argued that noplace on Earth would admit to being even geographically responsible for this lowlife. He came to the attention of the Dreadnoks when that band of motorcycle hoodlums was on the run from a troop of Joes across a mountain highway. Slagg was in the mountains, allegedly hunting bald eagles for sport. He saw the chase and, taking some small measure of sympathy with the bikers, caused a landslide across the mountain road that stopped the Joes cold. He was offered a place with the Dreadnoks, and decided that the opportunity to cause some truly destructive mayhem with big guns and high explosives, especially against something as orderly as the military establishment, 
appealed to him. He's since become totally immersed in the Dreadnok culture, at the same time teaching them his level of mean-ness. It should be noted that the scar on his face is something he regards as a reminder of his one personal failure in life -- an abortive attempt to pierce his eyeball.

From General Hawk's Personal Files: There is no question that the world has become a meaner place since the Dreadnoks first came on the scene, and it was generally believed that those bikers had gone into something resembling retirement since they felt that they just couldn't keep up with the evil the world was experiencing. But with SLAGG on their side, all that's changed. This big character is truly evil, and it's not the kind of calculated evil of a Cobra Commander, who has a dedicated plan to rule the world. It's the kind of evil where he'll walk up to a perfect stranger and beat him to a pulp simply because he's bored and doesn't have anything better to do. There's a mind in there someplace, that's dedicated to keeping the body in massive shape and in teaching the other Dreadnoks how to turn up their own levels of nastiness to new heights, but it's a dark and evil mind of the type that almost scares me.

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