Unnamed black female - GI Joe team member

Parts Used

Lady Jaye, Grunt ('82) waist



With the success of the GI Joe cartoon series in the mid-80s, Hasbro made plans to introduce a new female character. Research had indicated that females appealed to the TV audience for the show. However, Hasbro later decided that female action figures were not as appealing to the toy market as their male counterparts, and they scrapped the plans for this character. No prototype appears to have been made. Only a concept painting, pictured in the 30th Anniversary card set, was ever created for her.

We can only guess at the traits this character would have had. One can surmise by her tool belt that perhaps she would have been some sort of mechanic. Perhaps a love interest would have developed between her and one of the Joes, such as Alpine or Roadblock. At a quick glance, she looks like a repainted version of Lady Jaye. However, most of the pieces have small differences from her mass-produced counterpart. Only the head and arms look the same. It seems doubtful that the black female would have been released as a repainted Lady Jaye since during the mid-80s Hasbro was not in the habit of using old molds for new figures. Perhaps the concept drawing used Lady Jaye only as a model, and the actual figure would have had more differences. 

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