Snake-Eyes (ninja trainee)

Parts Used

Smoke (Mortal Kombat) figure and sword


GI Joe #26, #126

Snake-Eyes returned from a tour of duty in Vietnam only to discover his family had been killed on their way to the airport by a drunk driver. Following up on the offer of a member of his L.R.R.P. (Long Range Recon Patrol), Snake-Eyes travelled to Japan to train in the Arashikage ninja clan. He quickly gained experience and expertise, as well as the favor of the clan leader, the Hard Master. His skills with swords and the throwing dirk soon surpassed those of his friend Storm Shadow, known to the clan as the Young Master. Snake-Eyes wore the mark of the clan proudly on his right wrist.

In a twisted attempt at revenge, the man who would one day be Cobra Commander hired Zartan to kill Snake-Eyes. The drunk who killed Snake-Eyes' family had in fact been the Commander's brother and he wanted to kill Snake-Eyes to pay for the act. Zartan mistakenly killed the Hard Master, but succeeded in placing the blame on Storm Shadow. The clan disbanded as Storm Shadow attempted to track down the true killer and Snake-Eyes retreated to solitude in the Sierras.

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