Snake-Eyes - Unmasked

Parts Used

Snake-Eyes ('89), Deep-Six ('89) head, Storm Shadow (Ninja Force) swords x 2


post-surgery unmaskings: GI Joe #94, #102, #104-106, #108, #118, #149-151

Disfigured in a helicopter accident on an early GI Joe team mission, it was generally accepted that Snake-Eyes would never look normal again. Few knew of this mysterious man's pain of having to continually cover his disfigurement with a rubber mask or battle fatigues save his confidant and close companion Scarlett. When word arose that a Swiss surgeon, Dr. Hundtkinder, could restore Snake-Eyes' features, the two Joes travelled to Switzerland. The doctor corrected all but the most severe scarring, but then betrayed him to the Baroness, who believe Snake-Eyes had killed her brother in Vietnam. The Ninja escaped her clutches, appropriating a new costume in the process, and returned to duty free of the scarring that had plagued him.

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