Laser Trooper

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Parts Used

  • Sci-fi ‘86‘s head, chest, waist, arms, and right leg. 
  • H.I.S.S. Driver’s left leg.


His story: Unknown to most people, Sci-fi has a robotic left leg. It was only visible for a short while before getting a new costume that covered it. During a firefight with the Cobras, one of the local rebels that was also fighting Cobra, stepped on a land mine while running beside Sci-fi. Although the injury to Sci-fi wasn’t life threatening, gangrene spread before he could get back to base so Doc had to amputate it. Using captured B.A.T. technology, the Joe’s were able to build him a new leg.

Wanting to customize something without using any of my good Joes, I used one that my Mom bought from a friend along with other Joes and vehicles awhile ago. The leg has a pretty bad fit and it kinda turns right, but I still went ahead and painted it up. Because I didn’t have the green color used for Sci-fi, I decided to keep most of the left black and silver and use little green. I also quickly painted a few of the parts that had worn out and added a few other “improvements” (obviously not doing a very good job at it either).

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