Colonel Brekhov - Oktober Guard Commander

Parts Used

Red Star figure, hat, rifle; Beach-Head ('86) pouch


GI Joe #6, #7, Yearbook #2, #4, Special Missions #1, #4, #18, #20, #26

Brekhov came from a long line of Red Party supporters. His grandfather fought at the Eastern Front, while his father, a farmer from the Ukraine, took up arms to defend Stalingrad. He inspired great trust from those under his command, who always expected him to come up with a fool-proof plan even under the most extreme battle conditions. Even Daina, who always fell victim to sexist thought being the only female Guard, held great respect for the Colonel. Brekhov led many missions, and on several occasions he found it beneficial to team up with the GI Joe team to ensure the success of his mission. He also found himself having the Joes as adversaries as often as they were allies. Somehow, Cobra always found itself caught in the middle of the two superpowers.

On his final mission, Brekhov led his Oktober Guard into Sierra Gordo to effect a rescue of El Jefe, a revolutionary leader. The U.S.S.R. wanted to free El Jefe from Cobra and place him in power, ensuring an ally to the communist government. Brekhov and several other Guardsmen died in vain during the rescue, as El Jefe changed alliances. For unknown reasons, Red Star, the new Oktober Guard commander, looks identical to Colonel Brekhov.

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