Daina - Oktober Guard Sniper

Parts Used

Lady Jaye figure and backpack, Crankcase helmet, Cobra Soldier rifle


GI Joe #6, #7, #92, #101-105, #146-148, Yearbook #2, #4, Special Missions #1, #4, #18, #20, #26

Daina is one of the original members of the Oktober Guard, the Soviet equivalent of the GI Joe team. She has been involved in numerous missions, including several to put down unrest in Afghanistan while the Soviets tried to add that country to its area of influence. The Oktober Guard also tangled with the Cobra organization in such places as Afghanistan, the Baltic Sea, the Bering Strait, and even Cobra Island. Daina was part of all these missions, as well as the ill-fated mission in Sierra Gordo that saw the Oktober Guard attempting to place El Jefe in charge of the country. After resucing him from Cobra, the Guard was followed by the terrorist group, who killed all the Soviets save Dragonsky and Daina. They were later rescued by the Joe team.

Instead of disbanding the Oktober Guard, the Soviets filled out its roster with two new agents. The new team returned to Sierra Gordo, along with GI Joe team members, to help rebels take the country back from Cobra. The rebels failed to make contact and the Guard barely made it out of the country alive. After the breakup of the U.S.S.R., Daina continued serving on the team, despite being from Czechslovakia.

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