Dragonsky - Oktober Guard Flamethrower

Parts Used

Wild Weasel head (hollowed for helmet), Salvo head (not shown), Ripcord face mask, Airtight torso, arms, and waist; Fast Draw legs; Barbeque backpack, Incinerator flamethrower, Sub-Zero bipod


GI Joe #92, #101-105, #146-148, Yearbook #2, Special Missions #18, #26

Dragonsky became a hero of the Soviet Union at an early age, as he fought for Stalingrad at the age of five. He continued fighting for his county, eventually becoming an early member of the Oktober Guard. On one of his first missions, he fought to keep a laser cannon out of Cobra and GI Joe hands in Afghanistan, although the Joes ultimately retrieved the weapon. Later, he was part of a mission to place a communist dictator in charge of a Far East country, although the plan failed when the dictator was killed in a firefight with the Iron Grenadiers.

The flamethrower, along with teammate Daina, survived an ill-fated mission in Sierra Gordo that involved the deaths of the rest of the Oktober Guard. Together, the two survivors formed the core of the new Oktober Guard, whose first mission involved teaming up with the Joes to advise rebels in Sierra Gordo. It was a failure from the start, but with the help of Tucaro Indians and GI Joe reinforcements, the group made it out alive. After the breakup of the U.S.S.R., Dragonsky convinced Daina to stay with the team.

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