Lt. Gorky - Oktober Guard Naval Infantry

Parts Used

GI Joe head, torso, and arms; Psyche-Out ('87) waist and legs; Lifeline pistol


GI Joe #101-105, #146-148

When the Oktober Guard needed new members to fill out its roster, Lt. Gorky saw an excellent opportunity to advance through the ranks. Previously, he had belonged to the Black Sea Regiment of the Naval Infantry.

One of his first missions involved teaming with several GI Joe specialists to advise rebels in Sierra Gordo. He found Lady Jaye to his liking and accepting of his advances, much to the distaste of Flint. With Lady Jaye's help, Gorky managed to keep their transport plane from crashing after its pilots were shot. The Joes and Guards escaped into the jungle after the rebels failed to make contact, with Cobras in hot pursuit. Cobra began dropping napalm and cluster bombs, injuring Gorky's arm and leg. Ultimately, the combined team was extracted by GI Joe reinforcements.

Gorky and the Guard again teamed up with the Joes to stop an asteroid from smashing into the Earth. The group ultimately managed to destroy the asteroid, saving the Earth from impending doom.

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