Horror-Show - Oktober Guard Bazooka Specialist

Parts Used

Heavy-Metal head, Topside torso, Fast Draw arms, Blowtorch waist, Scrap-Iron legs, Outback webbing, misc. bazooka


GI Joe #6, #7, Yearbook #2, #4, Special Missions #1, #4, #18, #20, #26

Horror-Show was one of the original members of the Oktober Guard, the Soviet equivalent of the GI Joe team. He was involved in numerous missions, including several to put down unrest in Afghanistan while the Soviets tried to add that country to its area of influence. The Oktober Guard also tangled with the Cobra organization in such places as Afghanistan, the Baltic Sea, the Bering Strait, the Far East, and even Cobra Island. Often, the large bazookaman would be spotted going into combat areas with a stash of whole chickens in his ruck, just in case there was time for a quick snack.

On his final mission, Horror-Show and the rest of the Oktober Guard were ordered into Sierra Gordo to effect a rescue of El Jefe, a revolutionary leader. The U.S.S.R. wanted to free El Jefe from Cobra and place him in power, ensuring an ally to the communist government. Horror-Show and several other Guardsmen died in vain during the rescue, as El Jefe changed alliances. 

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