Sgt. Misha - Oktober Guard Spetsnaz Trooper

Parts Used

Wild Bill ('83) head, Recondo torso, Rampart arms, Roadblock ('84) waist and legs, Cobra Officer rifle


GI Joe #101-105, #146-148

Sgt. Misha joined the Oktober Guard with Lt. Gorky when the Soviets decided to fill its ranks out. His first mission teaming up with the GI Joe team was designed to help rebels reclaim Sierra Gordo from Cobra. The mission went afoul from the start as the cargo plane crash landed, the rebels failed to make contact, and Cobra pursued the group through the jungle. Misha and Roadblock stayed behind to guard the rear, but were caught in a missile barrage. While Roadblock was blinded, Misha took shrapnel through both legs. He served as the Joe's eyes and Roadblock carried him forward. Eventually, the entire group managed to get out of Sierra Gordo.

After the fall of the U.S.S.R., the Oktober Guard and GI Joe's Star Brigade were ordered to stop a rogue asteroid from smashing into the Earth. Battling past berzerk work drones, Misha and the rest of the combined team activated a self-destruct, and managed to escape the asteroid before it blew.

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