Stormavik - Oktober Guard Trooper

Parts Used

Flint ('85) head, Crankcase torso, Airborne ('83) arms and legs, Lifeline ('86) waist, Tunnel Rat pouch, Hawk ('91) gun


GI Joe #6, #7, Yearbook #2, #4, Special Missions #1, #4, #18, #26

One of the original Oktober Guard members, Stormavik served with distinction, and sacrificed himself to complete his final mission. On one of his first missions, he fought with and against the Joe team to regain a downed Soviet spycraft in Afghanistan. He battled there again several yeras later for possession of a prototype laser cannon. He continued serving on the Soviet equivalent to the GI Joe team, developing a good friendship with Schrage, another team member. They fought together in the Baltic Sea, the Far East, and even on Cobra Island.

Stormavik and the rest of the Guard were ordered to free El Jefe from Cobra and help him take control of Sierra Gordo. The mission turned for the worst as the Soviets fled with El Jefe on a train loaded with revolutionaries. Both Schrage and Stormavik jumped off to throw switches that would change the track over. Stormavik saw his friend gunned down as he threw his switch. This gave him the stamina to fend off almost ten Iron Grenadiers. Staggering to his feet, he threw the switch, and died immediately afterwards.

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