I'm happy with this one except for his head (more on this later).

The torso is from Footloose, the arms, waist, and legs are from Dial-Tone, and the head is from Flint. The body was painted in flat tan, the details and his hair were done in flat brown, the knife and grenade were done in flat gray, and gloss red was used for the red stars.

I was extremely unhappy with the head, since Flint has a goofy grin on his face. I tried my best to make the grin a scowl, but it just didn't work. Finally, I dotted his eyes in a gray/blue mix, that gave his eyes a deep steel look to them. If you stare at the eyes, he look really mean - but if you look at the grin, he looks like a dork. I'm going to be replacing this head as soon as I can find another figure with a beret.

The accessories were a Cobra Officer's AK-47 (painted in flat black) and Recondo's backpack (in a dull tan color, from one of the accessory packs).

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