Character created by E. Son

The only one I created for myself - I figured that the Oktober Guard need a snow-trooper. After all, there's lots of snow in Russia (from the pictures I've seen, anyways). The result is "Oktober Guard Arctic Trooper, Code Name: White Wolf".

The body is from the Street Fighter movie figure Arctic Assault Guile - which is just a repaint of the Blizzard body. The head is from Frostbite - with the hair painted in flat brown. For a scary effect, I globbed black paint onto his smile. Now, it looks like he's either gritting his teeth, showing off his cavity-ravaged teeth, or showing off his braces (with black rubber bands). For the final touch, I added the red star insignia on his left arm in gloss red.

To complete him, I gave him Sub-Zero's backpack and a white AK-47 (from one of the accessory packs).

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