Oktober Guard

A fighter pilot for the Oktober Guard, which was about the only "major military specialty" they seemed to lack other than an arctic trooper. Character created by Thomas Wheeler.

(Personal note: I scrounged the parts for Mig while looking in my "parts box" for the necessary components for Schrage. Digging through all that plastic can cause one's mind to wander, and I started thinking about an Oktober Guard fighter pilot. The upper body is the 1986 Low-Light, and the legs are from Lift-Ticket. The only real modification, other than repainting, was resculpting the knee-pads to look like the shoulder and elbow padding's pattern, and adding the sculpted star to the nicely large belt buckle. The head is from a 1993 Star Brigade Duke with the eyebrows shaved off, which somehow makes him look less like Duke, more Soviet &ltwhatever that means>, and not especially pleasant. Probably someone who takes his plane up, gets the job done, goes home, and gets left alone by his own personal choice. I did Mig at the same time I was working on Schrage, I guess to have someone relatively easy to work on. Original characters are always easier than matching existing appearances.)

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