Dr. Biggles-Jones - Scientist/Double Agent

Parts Used


Ninja Force Scarlett, Dhalsim (Street Fighter II movie edition) lab coat



GI Joe #135-142, Transformers: Generation 2 #2

While testing a prototype superweapon, Dr. Sidney Biggles-Jones was captured by a group of Cobra Night Creepers. Cobra forced the scientist to further develop the Rail Gun for its own evil purposes. The Rail Gun, whether in tank-mounted or hand-held form, fired a high-velocity projectile capable of piercing virtually any material. Both Cobra and the G.I. Joe team did not know that Biggles-Jones was in fact a double-agent planted by a U.S. intelligence agency. The doctor played her role perfectly. As she adapted her weapon to fit Cobra's plans, the criminal organization accepted her without question. 

When Megatron, leader of the Decepticons, appearend on the scene, Cobra Commander offered to trade the Rail Gun for the Transformers' technology. Biggles-Jones incorporated the weapon into Megatron's new body. However, the Decepticon wanted more than just the technology; he wanted its creator. Intending to extract her central nervous system and brain, Megatron kidnapped the scientist and escaped with her in a spacecraft. The Autobot Skydive managed to rescue the doctor and return her to earth where she continues her research.

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