Dickie Saperstein - Vietnam LRRP

Parts Used


Pathfinder head, Repeater torso, Recondo waist and arms, Stalker ('82) legs, Gung-Ho ('83) grenade launcher, misc. backpack



GI Joe #43, #155

Dickie served in the same Long Range Recon Patrol as Stalker, Snake-Eyes, and Storm Shadow. Two months before his tour of duty in Vietnam was scheduled to end, he received a letter from his mom. His father needed heart surgery, and his family didn't have the money to pay for it. Dickie signed up for added duty and used his bonus to finance the operation.

When the patrol encountered north Vietnamese regulars, Dickie watched as his teammates Wade Collins and Ramon Escobado were cut down. He ran to out-flank and drop frags on the enemy, but stepped on a mine and was killed before he could do his job.

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