Snake-Eyes - Vietnam LRRP

Parts Used


Muskrat ('88) head, Shipwreck ('85) torso, Pathfinder arms, Crimson Guard waist, Zap ('82) legs, GI Joe rifle, Backblast ('88) ammo belt, Low-Light ('86) backpack, Sneak-Peek binoculars.



as LRRP, GI Joe #26, #43, #55, #94, #155

Even in the latter days of the Vietnam conflict, Snake-Eyes was a mystery. He spent part of his tour with Stalker and Storm-Shadow in Saigon during the Tet Offensive. While there, he was mistakenly accused by the woman who would eventually become the Baroness of killing the Baron Eugen DeCobray, her brother. She swore vengeance on the innocent man and continued hunting him for the next twenty years.

A few months after his involvement in Tet, Snake-Eyes and his LRRP clashed with a group of North Vietnamese Army soldiers. The encounter left only three of the group combat-ready. Snake-Eyes, Storm Shadow, and Stalker made for their extraction point, dodging NVA troops along the way. When their pick-up huey arrived, the three U.S. troops left the tree-line they had dug in at. The sky suddenly filled with tracers, and Snake-Eyes went down. Ignoring orders, Storm Shadow rushed back and carried his friend back to the waiting helicopter. Snake-Eyes survived the incident, but received severe scarring that was compounded in latter years.

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