Storm Shadow - Vietnam LRRP

Parts Used

Quick Kick head, '84 Storm Shadow arms, '85 Bazooka torso, Snow Job waist, '82 Stalker legs, Gnawgahyde backpack & bow, Hit & Run gun, Outback webbing


GI Joe #26, #43, #55, #94, #155

A Japanese-American from Fresno, California, Tommy Arashikage was part of the same Long-Range Recon Patrol as the future GI Joe team members Stalker and Snake-Eyes. He also came from a long line of ninjas. His clan looked upon the war in Vietnam as a sort of graduate school for their Young Master, who used his stint in the LRRP to hone his abilities at passing undetected as enemies lurked in every shadow. 

During the Tet Offensive, Stalker, Snake-Eyes, and Storm- Shadow received vague orders to report to Saigon for an unknown operation. After being dropped off, Storm-Shadow was shot by a pair of Vietnamese, whom Snake-Eyes pursued and ultimately shot and killed. Tommy later recovered from his injuries and was placed back on active duty. 

A few months before the United States withdrew from Vietnam, Storm-Shadow's LRRP was ambushed by a group of Vietnamese. Three of the group managed to make it to the LZ, but were again ambushed. Snake-Eyes was taken down by snipers during his run for the extraction helicopter. Defying orders, Storm-Shadow dashed back to help his friend. Dodging tracers, the Japanese- American grabbed his friend and rushed back to the helicopter without even getting nicked. After the war, Tommy returned to Japan to finish his ninja training. 

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