Wade Collins - Vietnam LRRP

Parts Used

Zap ('82) head, Buzzer torso, Crankcase arms, GI Joe waist, Bazooka ('85) legs, Dusty ('85) backpack, M-16


as LRRP, GI Joe #43, #155

Wade was walking point for his Long Range Recon Patrol when he was distracted by a noise caused by one of his teammates behind him. He turned around to express his anger, and with his attention focused elsewhere, led his patrol into a bivoac of North Vietnamese Army regulars. The LRRP open fired immediately, but the NVA fought back. Wade and Ramon Escobedo went down with AK-47 rounds to their chests, and were left for dead by their teammates. Ramon perished, but Wade lived and was taken to a prisoner of war camp. For two years he was held there until the war ended and he returned to the United States. His troubles countinued. Wade discovered most citizens despised anything that reminded them of the war, including returning troops. With nowhere else to go, Wade turned to the newly-formed Cobra organization and began working his way up in the ranks.

The Bivouac: 1998-2002
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