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Body parts used

  • Head - Countdown
  • Body - Heat Viper v2
  • Cross Country v2 Sniper Rifle
  • Colonel Courage Full Auto Rifle 
  • Bazooka v3 Semi-Auto Rifle 
  • Snow Storm Machine gun and Knife
  • Heat Viper v2 Uzi
  • Cyber-Viper Flamethrower
  • Comments

    Frank Castle was a captain in the United States Marine Corps and served five years in the Vietnam War.  For Heroism in the Line of Duty, he was twice decorated with both the bronze and silver star and four times with the purple heart, and for Several years after American Evolvement in Vietnam ended, he ran special Training missions in the Upper new York State area.
    While on leave he took his wife and two small children to Central Park for a picnic, where his wife and children witnessed a mob killing.  Fearing identification, the Mobsters Murdered Castle's wife and children, then escaped.  Traumatized from this turn of events, he deserted the Marines weeks before he was to be awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom.  He emerged months later to conduct a one-man anti-crime Campaign as the Punisher.


    I Came up with the Idea for a Kiss-obsessed Dreadnok using Heat-viper legs.  I was thinking of what to use the chest for, when it hit me....Use it for the Punisher.  I was originally going to use different legs and arms, but those didn't look good.  Later, when the Kiss Drednok Idea fell through, I simply used the heat viper parts.  I tried to use a Blizzard head for him, but that was too loose, so I replaced it with one of the few undamaged pieces from my first Joe, Countdowns head.  I know I gave him a lot of guns, I'm just trying to be acurate, wich is evident since I used Comics for the Biography
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