General Characteristics

Primary Function: Anti-Air
Manufacturer: Military Armament Research System (MARS)
Range: Classified
Gun Type: M-61A1 Gatling
Type of Fire: 4,500 rounds/min (Pneumatic Gun Drive)
Magazine Capacity: 1,550 rounds
Caliber: 20mm
Ammunition: Armor Piercing Discarding Sabot (APDS), Depleted Uranium sub-caliber Tungsten.


Bipedal ANti-air System, Hybrid-Experimental Element
by Rick Gonzales

Parts Used:  

  • 1     AT-ST Scout Walker
  • 2     Whirlwinds
  • 1     Dragonfly


Designed by a MARS Special Research & Development Team based in the high-desert region of California's Death  Valley, BANSHEE is the epitome of rapid-fire, computer-controlled radar and gun systems.  It protects Iron Grenadier airfields and garrisons from air attacks because its state-of-the-art EW package virtually makes every enemy aircraft a statistic.  The biped weapons platform features a panning torso mounted on two "chicken-walker" super-hydraulic, ferro-fibrous legs.  Mounted on the torso are two electronically-controlled, pneumatically-driven twin-20mm six-barrel Gatling-type cannons firing at a 4,500 rounds-per-minute rate.  The twin cannons can operate in tandem, or unilaterally.  In the cockpit, the Driver sits in the rear and the Gunner sits in the front.  The Gunner may manually track or "hand-off" one gun to the computer while he retains control of one.  Normal operation ties the guns together under the Gunner's control for ground targets.
BANSHEE is not limited to its primary role as Anti-Air.  It can also be used as a scout vehicle, urban assault, decoy assault, rear security and patrols.  Because of the weak legs, it is not ideal for frontal-assault tactics.  It can be used to protect fortified positions since its four 20mm cannons are ideal to shoot down incoming missiles as well as artillery shells. 

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